The Morning After…

Clash SXSW Blog Pt. 3

A slow start to the day yesterday – most of the Clash team still recovering from the legendary showcase the night before, clutching photos of themselves with Mick Jones as evidence amidst the disbelief we actually met him!

But on with the show. The music yesterday started for us down at Stubbs, the famous outdoor venue down on Red River St in Austin, where R.E.M had played only two days previously. Here, a quality afternoon’s entertainment was in store and left little reason to venture elsewhere – that and the pulled pork baps on offer. Oh and of course the weather was scorching – hitting 90 degrees at one point, so why strain ourselves with movement?

On stage as we arrived is The Whigs from Athens, Georgia – their heady
riffage was a bit too deafening to be enjoyable in the summer heat. We wanted something we could coolly sway to and not have our eardrums battered to death by. So thank God for The Raveonettes who followed. The Danes’ discerning electro rock put smiles on our faces finally.
Following them, one of the week’s biggest draws and of course a Clash firm favourite – Vampire Weekend. The Brooklyn group played a small selection of songs from their debut album to a surprisingly quiet crowd, the main reaction coming from the strong UK contingent gathered. Not wishing to hang around for headliners X, we decamped to Coyote Ugly for a drink and a lap dance for our Deputy Editor’s birthday…

Eventually leaving the confines of the titty bar, we got down to 4th Street and the Levi’s store to catch Mancunian newbies Working For A Nuclear Free City; their electronic based noodlings going down well with the crowd. The Stills followed, but missed most of them to retire to the shade and avoid sunstroke and make the most of the various freebies doing the rounds in the courtyard. But all hijinks ended when it was time for the next act, and then it was all eyes on stage. For now it was time for Duffy, and word had obviously spread across the Atlantic for the gathered crowd were expecting something good, and they were not disappointed. Clash’s new best pal Mick Jones was also in attendance and was suitably impressed. The Welsh chanteusse gave the crowd a 5 song set that ended with single ‘Mercy’, which couldn’t fail to get the crowd smiling.

We then went for the birthday dinner down to Sullivans, which must be said is THE best steak house in Austin. Dinner was long and merry and the resulting bill was terrifying.

From there, Clash went its separate ways – some to a house party at which Moby pushed past the queue for the toilets to relieve himself with a vegan dump, while others trawled the main streets downtown to find some hidden gems – including a three-piece RAWK band in a cage.

It’s now Saturday morning, and while I should be up at South Congress doing some vintage shopping, I’m still in the hotel typing this. Wise up sucker, get in the real world, I hear you say. So okay! Bye!

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