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The Knife

The Knife has revealed some outlandish plans for their upcoming 'Shaking The Habitual' shows.

The Knife have always been keenly aware of the need to turn each show into an event. Recently returning with new album 'Shaking The Habitual' fans braced themselves for something new, something unusual by the Danish group.

They weren't disappointed. The Knife will play a full European tour this summer, and have now unveiled some rather bizarre plans for the live show.

From the (quite thrillingly brilliant) press release:

- -

We, The Knife, will be performing live. We will be there, on stage, all seven of us, sometimes all ten of us, or even more. We have worked hard, together. Things, ideas, concepts have been tried, tested, discarded, evolved, perfected and discarded again.

We know of the performative parts of power (Hegemony! Hi!), the on-going upholdance of everything through the performance of everyone. The habitual dance of the ordinary, the narratives of the normal. We know how the norm functions. But this is not every day. We have put on our glitter, we are ready to sparkle. This is special, if we were birds, (maybe we are) our feathers would shine (they do). We are building a place, a scene, a moment. But the blocks aren't set, the pieces move. We slipper and slide around it, under it, above. Shaking our habitat.

With raging lungs we breathe, exhausted but enthralled. We sweat and smile and frown, laughing at the future, crying at the past, holding on. Legs astride, one foot yours, one foot ours.

- -

What this means:

At the following shows - Bremen (26thApril ), Hamburg (27thApril ), Milan (29th April), Zurich (30th April), Munich (1st May), Copenhagen (May 12th and 13th), Oslo (May 15th) - The Knife's performance will be preceded by an Absurdist Aerobics class taught by a 'master-teacher-guru-shaman-dictator-aerobics instructor- new age workshop leader', Tarek Halaby.

Each show will be followed by DJ sets, with confirmed selectors including Shinedoe, rRoxymore and more. London audiences will be treated to Hannah Holland, who is set to perform after The Knife at the Roundhouse on May 8th - 9th.

The Knife will play the following UK shows:

8 London Roundhouse
9 London Roundhouse

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