Taylor Swift’s Murrayfield Show Is An Eras Extravaganza

It's a huge opening night for the pop icon...

“Come one, come all, it’s happening again…” Taylor Swift returns to Scotland for her critically acclaimed ‘The Eras Tour’. This is only the second time the singer songwriter performs on Scottish soil in almost a decade. The three-night extravaganza kicks off in style on Friday (June 7th), in the heart of the capital. Edinburgh’s famous Murrayfield Stadium is no longer the place of a patriotic kilt clad crowd, but now transformed into a shimmering array of colour. 

The streets of Edinburgh are buzzing with anticipation and excitement for what the night is to entail.  Scotland has marked her arrival by unveiling new ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ trams. In Perthshire, a ceremony with bagpipes sounding some of the star’s biggest hits was held as Loch Tay was renamed to Loch Tay Tay. 

The ‘Love Story’ singer is a mastermind of songwriting, her lyrics tripping of the tongue like poetry. Swift is an extraordinary storyteller, many of her songs feeling like an opening to her journal. Fans can connect and relate to the artist through her music which provides an insight into her personal love life.  

Swifties are regarded as one of the biggest and most devoted fandoms in the world with some enthusiasts queuing for as long as 48 hours before the show commenced. Scottish fans have waited for over a year for the megastar to arrive, kicking off the tour in Glendale, Arizona in March 2023.  Safe to say it is worth the wait, with the addition of her new album ‘TTPD’ supplementing the previous setlist. 

According to the Guiness World Records, The Eras Tour is the first concert tour to surpass $1 billion in revenue making it the highest grossing music tour of all time. An enormous 70,000 fans welcomed the singer to her opening night, which she announces is the highest attended stadium show in Scottish history. “What a way to make a lass feel special” the singer remarks. She is expected to play to over 200,000 people over the three nights. The concert gets off to a flying start with the support act, the American rock band Paramore, opening the show with ‘Hard times’, which goes down a treat with the crowd. The hit ‘Still Into You’ quickly becoming a favourite amongst fans. Frontwoman Hayley Williams has been friends with Swift since 2008 when they were both nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards. Williams stars on Taylor Swift’s song ‘Castles Crumbling’ which features as a Vault Track on ‘Speak Now’. 

The wait is finally over. Goosebumps and sheer excitement fill the stadium as she rises to the stage. The music begins to play, and she sings ‘It’s been a long time coming’, perhaps addressing the fans who have waited years to see her. The music marathon has begun. Fans go into a frenzy and are instantly wowed by her performance and stage presence. Swift promises to take the crowd on a “grand adventure”. She did not disappoint. The singer songwriter stuns in the iconic blue and gold diamond encrusted body suit as she opens with the ‘Lover’ era. 

The second era to dazzle the stage was ‘Fearless’. Playing on a hand decorated guitar by her parents, the performance is truly faultless. ‘Love story’ as always is a standout song with a surprise proposal among the crowd. 

The ‘Red’ Era comes next with well-known hit ‘22’ first up, wearing the well-known shirt which changes from show to show, this time with “This is not Taylor’s version”. A heart-warming moment arises as Taylor gives her hat to an unexpecting young fan during the song.  ‘All too well, 10-minute version’ is the focal point of the era.

‘Speak now’ is short but sweet with her stunning rendition of ‘Enchanted’ as she owns the stage in a majestic violet gown.

Addressing the amazing atmosphere of the night, she says, “This tour is the most fun I’ve had in my entire life…my one regret now is that I really should have come to Scotland more” before adding: “I cant stop looking at the crowd, I’m captivated.”

The ‘Reputation’ era showcases spectacular energy and stage theatrics with choreographed dances to enhance the already showstopping performance.

Introducing the ‘Folklore’ album, the star explains how she feels the album is somewhat inspired by Scotland’s idyllic countryside and scenery.  The 34-year-old merges ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’ into what she describes as sister era’s, explaining how they represent the different seasons of the year. The set for the era is perhaps the most impressive of the night with the ‘Folklore’ cabin dominating the stage. 

‘1989’ is an unforgettable era in which she performs some of her most famous songs. ‘Wildest dreams’ is a phenomenal account of musical mastery echoing through the stadium. 

Her latest album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ showcases wonderful theatrics from impersonating a puppet to the star rising and flying around the stage during ‘Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?’.

The next segment is her surprise songs for the evening. ‘Would’ve Should’ve Could’ve’ from ‘Midnights’ is her first choice followed by a mash up of ‘Tis The Damn Season’ and’ Daylight’. During the set Swift’s hand experiences cramp, but after a quick massage, the show goes on like a true professional. 

Just like that it is time for the final era of the night, ‘Midnights’ her 10th studio album. It’s safe to say she ends the night on a high with the upbeat hit ‘Karma’. Displays of fireworks and confetti fill the stadium as she says goodbye to her adoring fans. “Edinburgh you have given us everything you could possibly give us tonight.”

There’s no wonder the tour has been such a success for the singer. She is giving fans a night they will never forget. 


Words: Hannah Sinclair

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