Friday could be bright...

T In The Park could benefit from some unexpectedly bright weather when the music kicks off tomorrow (July 6th).

Place 85,000 people in a field and watch the rumours unfold. Weather reports in the run up to T In The Park sparked speculation of a mud bath, with some even suggesting that the event wouldn't go ahead.

Organisers stepped in to waylay any fears, issuing a statement to re-assure fans that T In The Park would go ahead as normal.

Early arrivals are making their way to the site today, with the music due to kick off in earnest tomorrow (July 6th). Early reports had suggested that Friday could be drenched in torrential rain, although this has now been upgraded.

The STV weather service have been on hand to keep fans updated, with Friday now expected to be relatively bright. There may be some showers, the weather service states, but sunny spells will still break through.

Sadly, it seems as if the rain is now saving itself for Saturday. The Balado site is expected to suffer heavy rain, with plenty of mud expected for music lovers.

Ah well... last year's event was dogged by poor weather, resulting in an onslaught of mud. However this just seemed to pull the crowd together, creating a real, palpable sense of camaraderie.

Hopefully 2012 will be exactly the same!

T In The Park runs between July 5th - 8th.

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