Up close at his intimate show...

“Style, style is the answer to everything...”

A fitting way to open up Harry Styles’ surprise pop up show at Camden’s Electric Ballroom last night, and a statement most people in that room would probably agree with. Even before Styles graced the stage with his presence the energy was - for lack of a better word - electric.

The excitement was visible across every face and the buzz was unlike any pre-show high I’ve experienced before - which was only elevated when the dapper chap sauntered onto stage in a jazzy yellow suit and began the night with ‘Golden’, or what you could make out of it over the deafening chorus of screaming fans.

He performed the 'Fine Lines' tracklist one by one and looked so at ease with his creation, a genuine smile plastered across his face from beginning to end - and even though the album has only been out a mere seven days, there was no shortage of the lyrics being screamed back in his direction, which made the 1,500 capacity venue feel all the more intimate.

The set was fuelled on intimacy and there were a number heartwarming moments, like at the end of 'Lights Up' after he sang the last words, “do you know who you are?” he seized the mic stand with both hands and uttered, “I do now”… you could almost hear the collective heart pangs.

Harry Styles brought a new energy to each track but the one constant was genuine happiness. You expect artists to be grateful for their fans but the connection Styles seems to have with his is next level - it’s intense.

And it wasn’t just one specific crowd. Girls that have been there for Harry since The Beginning (not saying it) combined with newer fans who appreciate his more recent originality and tracks that push six minutes - coexisting peacefully because of a shared admiration for a man who looks really, really good in high waisted trousers.

’Adore You’ was performed with such vigour and passion, ‘Shine’ included some near enough perfect vocals, and the little jigs and dances across the stage during ‘Sunflower’ has unquestionably confirmed Styles as the Millennials’ Jagger. The entire show oozed charisma and purity, every emotion Styles gifted to the crowd was graciously accepted and returned - Styles’ stage presence really is something to behold. He has the charm and the ability to captivate and hold a room for however long he pleases…

“Are you not entertained?” he asked. No answer necessary.

More moments of Harry securing many bonus points included the appearance of the pride flag which he clung onto during 'Treat People With Kindness' (exceptional performance) and remained on stage even when the security guard tried to remove it (health and safety I’m sure, do not cancel the security man, Styles stans...)

There was a very sexy rendition of Lizzo’s 'Juice'… oh, and Stormzy was there. On stage. Singing and screaming “FUCK BORIS” as you’ve probably seen on Twitter by now, and it was the perfect early Christmas gift.

As a whole it really was the show that kept on giving. Recently we have faced some trying times as a nation and for a couple hours, in that legendary hall, Harry Styles gave his fans the chance to forget and just be surrounded by genuine love and warmth. It was special, and definitely not one that will be forgotten.

- - -

Words: Laura Copley

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