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The Barcelona based portion of 2012's Sonar festivities takes place from 14th-16th June in the Spanish city with New Order, Hot Chip, The Roots, Lana Del Rey, Friendly Fires and more performing.

Already this year, music fans across the globe have been treated to Sonar events in Cape Town, Tokyo and São Paulo with the 19th year of the Barcelona based event the jewel in the crown.

Find out about all four of Sonar's 2012 events HERE.

Stay tuned to this page before, during and after the festival for coverage including reviews, photo galleries, audio and maybe even some video.


Read reviews of some of our highlights:


In their infamous DJ sets they work a motley crew of club music, filling in the gaps with everything from Chicago juke and classic house, to UK bass wares, hip hop, R&B, ballroom and reggaeton. Read more >


Cornelius presents Salyu x Salyu

Their musical alliance hears them co-producing their first single, ‘(s)ound(b)eams’, as well as taking their exploratory sound to the stage, where they are joined by Buffalo Daughter’s Yumiko Ohno on bass, as well as an ensemble of female vocalists, repositioning their voices as instruments and consorting alongside one another with delightfully imaginative vocal harmonizing and otherworldly staccato symphonics. Read more >


DJ Harvey

DJ Harvey and his Sarcastic Disco are a force to behold, an eternal source of youth and hedonistic urge, he is first and foremost responsible for bringing a sense of self-gratifying wild abandon back to dance music. Read more >


Diamond Version + Atsuhiro Ito

With pounding industrial electronic music that sounds more like Gescom in Dusseldorf and a light show that is like Obi Wan Kenobi jamming with the Chicago Underground Trio – Diamond Version and Atsuhiro Ito is as fascinating as it is intended for the bold of heart. Read more >


Om Unit

His set at Sonar in 2012 took a holistic view on bass with half step sonics that sounded revitalised, weird crunk, fast and frenetic footwork styled pummels as well as a cheeky opener by Afrika Bambaataa with ‘Planet Rock’. Read more >

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View a photo gallery from Thursday at Sonar 2012.

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View a photo gallery from Saturday night at Sonar 2012 with Hot Chip, Die Anwoord, Azari & III and more.

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Listen to Nightwave's set from Sonar 2012.


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