100mph 24hour party people

Snowbombing’s 11th edition, and 6th in its current home Mayrhofen, Austria roared out of the blocks with a hedonists convoy of 100 cars, led by a some tastily souped up Volvo’s provided by the festivals new sponsor friend. 48 hours later, after a pan-European rally including a stop-off in Frankfurt for a timely visit to the world famous Cocoon Club, the tribe of fancy dress revelers and cars were heralded up the main street in Mayrhofen to kick proceedings off in earnest.

Snowbombing has come a long way in its 11 year existence, starting as a Mancunian focused party on the slopes of Villars in Switzerland, with literally a couple of hundreds friends and DJs getting on it, and off it. Now it provides a week-long rite of passage for party hard lovers of the snow, taking to the slopes, the après ski bars, the clubs and the streets. Hell even the forests and mountain top igloos are used as venues for abominal musical abandon.

There is no other event in the world that will kick your day off with a stretchin session with Mr Motivator, and end it with your ribs being rattled by Benga, in between times rocking to the likes of Doves, The Enemy or De La Soul, or jolting to DJs and dance dons like Fatboy Slim, Crookers, 2 Many DJs or Vitalic in venues ranging from log cabins, basement bars, Narnia-esque fantasy lands, forests and ice palaces.

The live inclusions at this years event again show how far the event has come with top bands prepared to run their full rig halfway across Europe through valleys and mountains to play this ever improving festival. The kids still prefer their 2 Many DJs and Fatboys, but it was good to see the likes of The Enemy and Editors rocking their audience, whilst it was a shame to see the brilliant Wild Beasts battling valiantly in front of an audience of only dozens. That’s said, the combo of multiple venues, strong line-ups and 24hr partying and exertion will always harbour some casualties, not just the red faced walking wounded you often see in the hotel lobbies.

This year Clash hosted our second Arctic Disco Igloo party to close the festivals day-time slope-side festivities, with new live elements included, making this amazing party a surefire contender for the highest live gig in the world. This year The Whip, Reverend Jon McClure and his Soundsystem and the amazing King Porter Stomp rocked a VIP audience including Norman ‘Fatboy’ Cook, Jade Jagger and the great and the good from the Snowbombing crew, before launching into a massive snowball fight and stage dive spectacle. The setting for our show is genuinely one of the most beautiful you could ever raise a jager bomb at, so look out for future Clash alpine adventures and check the videos and photos online.

The Clash team said a weary goodbye to new friends and old aquaintances at the huge closing parties as Friendly Fires showcased some new party classics, De La Soul got the hands in the air and Moodyman ground out a Detroit soul funkfest, whilst a hotel full of Cuban Brothers, new found lovers, broken souls and broken bones combined en masse to raise a final cheer to the week that just slid by in a snowy blur. 100mph 24hour party people.

Words by Brian Murnin


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