Hometown show for the duo
Slow Club - Live At The Leadmill, Sheffield

Following the release of Slow Club’s excellent sophomore album, ‘Paradise’, tonight sees a welcome homecoming for the Sheffield duo.

Their popularity in the Steel City has continued and a hushed silence falls over the Leadmill as they take to the stage. Despite an additional drummer and bass player, it’s very much business as usual for Charles and Rebecca. And as they open with new single ‘Where I’m Walking’, they wrap their alternate vocals tentatively around their folk pop.

It’s easy to see why their large crowds keep returning - in addition to their catchier-than-a-cold folk, the city’s worst kept secret ooze personality on the live stage. Rebecca can’t help but burst out laughing at times (often during the middle of a song), and when Charles brings up the subject of her chosen attire (a custom made Sheffield Wednesday kit-cum-dress) there’s a heartily mixed reception before she pipes up: “Well we’re all Sheffield aren’t we?”

‘Christmas TV’ is as beautiful as ever and songs from ‘Paradise’ (‘Hackney Marsh’ and ‘Never Look Back’ in particular) are composed, full and sink into their set with an unfaltering ease, demonstrating just how far the twosome have come since the release of their debut ‘Yeah So’ in 2009. ‘Two Cousins’ draws an end to the main set before ‘Giving Up On Love’ completes the show with Rebecca’s voice dominating a fitting end to a compelling evening.

Words and Photos by Thomas Walton

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