For the first time since 1969
Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are set to play a massive open air show in Hyde Park this summer.

It's one of the defining moments of the late 60s. The Rolling Stones - a matter of days after the death of Brian Jones - step onstage in Hyde Park, with hundreds of thousands of fans laid out in front of them.

Now the band are set to return to the London arena. Announcing a series of international shows, The Rolling Stones have signalled their intention to play Barclaycard Presents British Summertime Hyde Park on July 6th.

"It seems like yesterday," guitarist Keith Richards told the BBC, referring to that epochal 1969 date. "It's going to be a great summer, man." Later the guitarist added: "All the gigs we haven't done or wanted to redo are popping up." Part of a worldwide jaunt, The Rolling Stones will fly into the UK from North American to play Glastonbury and Hyde Park.

"You gotta pace yourself," Mick Jagger told the BBC. "We have enough time before we come back to England, so we'll be well recovered."

Watch archive footage of that original Stones In The Park show below.


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