Rolling Stones Full Album Shows

Keith Richards thinks it will happen

Iconic British rockers The Rolling Stones could be set to play a series of shows dedicated to classic albums.

The Rolling Stones seem to be getting more popular as they get older. The iconic group went out on tour in 2005, with ‘A Bigger Bang’ shattering box office records as the band stormed across the world.

Playing a series of enormous shows, The Rolling Stones have been strangely silent ever since. Preparing to re-issue their classic 1972 album ‘Exile On Main Street’ the band have been the subject of much rumours.

Fans have speculated about the possibility of a new tour, with some suggesting that The Rolling Stones could even play a classic album in full during a one off show.

Speaking to radio station XFM, Keith Richards seemed warm to the idea. “I have heard the idea being mentioned in passing,” he mused.

“It’s in the rumour area … [but] where there’s smoke, there’s fire, you know?”

The Rolling Stones would have a plethora of classic albums to choose from. The band’s 1968 – 1973 run of material has proved to be hugely influential, a virtual blueprint in how to live dangerously and make thrilling rock ‘n’ roll.

With ATP’s Don’t Look Back concerts proving to be popular with both fans and artists alike, The Rolling Stones would have a lot of company travelling down the ‘one album one show’ route.

Keith Richard claimed that the group considered the idea “a few years back” although he admitted that “they haven’t taken it by the horns yet”.

Watch out for a full interview with The Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts soon!

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