Site looks sunny...

RockNess could be set to confound expectations and open to roaring Highland sunshine.

It's almost here. One of Scotland's most anticipated outdoor events, RockNess has been building slowly for almost 12 months. Now fans have commenced their journey to the Highlands, with the festival gates set to swing open this evening.

The latest weather reports are still indicating that the event could get wet. The BBC are reporting mix conditions for Inverness, with the temperature not set to get any higher than 12 degrees Celsius.

Virtual Festivals, meanwhile, are also predicting mixed conditions. The sun could break, forecasters say, but this will be interrupted by rainy spells.

Tweeting from the site, RockNess organisers are rather more optimistic. This dramatic photo finds the Main Stage perched against the world famous loch, with the Highland valley nestling behind.

Perched in roaring sunshine, it seems that RockNess revellers could well have the last laugh...

This year, RockNess organisers chartered a train to take fans from London to the Dores site. Running the full length of the country, the festival commissioned DJ sets, live music and more for hundreds of fans.

ClashMusic writer Joe Zadeh volunteered to be our man on the Express, and you can follow his adventures on our Twitter feed.

RockNess runs between June 7th - 10th.

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