It's looking mixed...

The first weather reports are in for this summer's instalment of RockNess - and it's looking mixed.

Held in the Scottish Highlands, RockNess has emerged as one of the UK's most vibrant, exciting festivals. Returning this summer, fans are already beginning to pack their bags for the latest instalment of musical mischief.

Festival organisers have chartered a train to take fans from London to Inverness, while acts are busy flying in from all corners of the globe. Set to kick off on Thursday night (June 7th) ticket holders are desperate to know what the weather will be like.

The answer? Decidedly mixed. Reports are varied, with most data seeming to emerge from Inverness. RockNess is located beside the tiny village of Dores, while the area's geography - a steep valley and a historic loch, for example - give the site its own sub-climate.

According to the BBC Weather service, Inverness is set to enjoy temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius on Thursday (June 7th) with conditions due to be calm.

The weather deteriorates as the weekend progresses, however, with the BBC predicting rainy conditions for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures will hover around 12 degrees Celsius during the day, with winds set to be light.

Over on Virtual Festivals, though, the outlook looks slightly more optimistic. Conditions will be mixed, with sunny spells seemingly breaking through the clouds.

Temperatures could reach a high of 18 degrees Celsius, although there is no news on wind chill.

Keep checking back for the latest updates.

RockNess runs between June 7th - 10th.

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