And they won't be taking prisoners...

Reykjavikurdaetur are - in simple terms - a 16 piece, all female, Icelandic rap choir.

But that definition almost misses the point. The sheer emphatic force and colour of their music, and their performances, doesn't lend itself easily to definition.

If the best way to describe Reykjavikurdaetur is to experience, then thankfully they're making a rare visit to UK soil.

The group fly out later this week, with a trio of live dates planned. Their sojourn opens with a show alongside Deep Throat at the DIY Space in Peckham on Thursday, before hitting Birthdays on March 11th as part of Dream Wife's EP launch.

Now Reykjavikurdaetur have confirmed plans for a special show at Peckham's Rye Wax on Saturday (March 12th) - it's a free show, and boasts zine stalls featuring the likes of Polyester, Sister and Siren.

You know what to do...

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