Preview: OTO Sound Museum Plan Special New Event

CLASH is heading to Zurich to explore this immersive project...

Nomadic sound art project OTO Sound Museum will return to Zürich, Switzerland, for a fourth year, as it aims to provide a space to some of the most vital and interesting artists operating at the vanguard of sound art in Europe today. The travelling museum will bring an array of sound  installations and interventions, both to the Swiss city, and to its digital infrastructure at

This year’s OTO Sound Museum program will take place at the Zeughausareal, a 19th Century military complex in Uster east of the City Centre, one of the oldest former artilleries of its type in Switzerland. Artists involved are aiming to pair their own idiosyncrasies of their own audio artworks with that of the unique and evocative setting. 

Curated by Francesca Ceccarini of the Zaira Oram art collective, the esteemed bill consists of the artists Rahel Kraft, Christophe Fellay and Cathy Van Eck performing artistic interventions across the Summer of 2024, with Kraft’s ‘Changing of the Guard’ kicking off proceedings on Saturday 11th May. Alongside these, OTO will also host digital exhibitions from Margarita Moscardini, Cally Spooner and Emily Jacir.

‘Changing of the Guard’ will see the enigmatic Basel-based sound artist utilise an array of drummers to completely alter the space of the long barracks lawn, exploring “transformation, protection and care in the context of the barracks area in Zürich”. Taking cues from Zürich photographer Heinz Baumann’s 1960s work on the same subject, Kraft will deal articulately in juxtapositions – those inherent in both the lives of the men who have passed through these military corridors from centuries past, and the lives we lead today.

Alongside the performance, installations consisting of century-old guardhouses will help provide context, and really help bring Kraft’s work – so concerned with place – to life.

Sure to be a fascinating and intoxicating spectacle, Kraft’s ‘Changing of the Guard’ is just the first of a revolutionary program at the Zeughausareal. In a time where novel, thoughtful and moving art is marginalised more and more, it is vital to gather in places like these and celebrate the beauty that sound can expose us to. 

Words: Cal Cashin // @calcashin666
Photography Credits: Sergei Kasich + Ocean

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