Another Sky
An inspiring selection ahead of their Citadel festival set...

London's Another Sky are a precocious phenomenon.

Artful songwriting delivered with immense physicality, the four-piece bring together everything from neo-classical arrangements to indie rock bite.

Set to play Citadel Festival this weekend, Another Sky's set is bound to be a must-see, the chance to catch an incredibly talented group just before they explode.

The band's Catrin Vincent crafted Clash this playlist before the festival - check it out HERE and find her words below...

“Colour made the grass less green...” When Tracy Chapman was 13, she was attacked and nearly killed by a gang of white students after her school became integrated. This incident and her experience of growing up in Cleveland inspired the most moving song of all time. Her music will always have a huge place in my life.

Childish Gambino produced the best music videos I’ve ever seen back in May, with nuanced references to Jim Crow, the Charleston massacre and black imprisonment for smoking weed while their white counterparts are celebrated. It’s so refreshing to know that there’s still a place for being artful and provocative in music videos.

There are very few artists that could compare humans to trouts in song form. Based on her experience of picking a trout to be butchered, Amanda suggests we are more like trouts than we know; “feed them details, feed them emails”.

We’re on the same label as Kate and she’s an absolute hero of mine. I love how in this song she uses biblical references to ask us to consider the idea that we only exist as individuals in the context of each other. Powerful stuff.

This song is a brutal, unapologetic look-in at the frustration that comes with the responsibility of being a nurturing woman in a relationship; “white dove feathers to soak up the hot piss that comes from your mouth every time you address me.”

Kurt Cobain is a great example of how important allies are to marginalised groups. He’s standing up for women in this song by saying perhaps we wouldn’t have so many terrible things happen to us if we were born as sons?

An avant-garde piece that's stood the test of time, this unique performance comments on the failure of technology. “This is the hand, the hand that takes”. Laurie Anderson makes beautiful art.

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Catch Another Sky at Citadel festival on July 15th.

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