With support from Carousels and JAWS

It’s Halloween. The night when strange creatures roam the streets, when pumpkins are carved and horror films are put on repeat. However, nothing is scarier than the monster that is Peace; the band that have come out of nowhere and burst onto the music scene this year. 

Peace have had a rather manic year, going from being completely unground to the word on everyone’s lips. After signing to Columbia Records earlier this year the band have rocketed onwards and upwards. Now with their EP  ‘Delicious’ having been released only a couple of months ago, they’ve hit the road, touring like a band possessed.  Tonight, the band return to their hometown, Birmingham, to perform a sold out Halloween special at The Rainbow in Digbeth.

As Clash enters the room, the place is packed and it seems like everyone has made an effort. There are zombies, ghouls and a few crazy characters like the Joker. Tonight is going to be big.   

The band’s opening acts couldn’t be anymore suited with both Carousels and Jaws in support.   Their melodic tunes and catchy lyrics warm the audience up as they wait for the main event. Both bands are from the newly formed Birmingham scene. 

The lights dim and the crowd screams as Peace step onto the stage. As the band break into the set the crowd go absolutely mental. The whole room is alive as the band blast from track to track, playing hits such ‘Ocean’s Eye’, ‘Li’l Echo’ and ‘California Daze’.  

It’s more like a party, rather than a gig. Everyone seems to have forgotten where they are as members of the audience dance on stage, knocking over mic stands and jumping on speakers. However, the band don’t mind and carry on, completely unfazed by the chaos around them.

Now it’s time for the tune everyone has been waiting for, the crowd scream with all they’ve got left as the boys break into ‘Bloodshake’. They might as well hand the microphone over to their fans as everyone seems to know it word by word. And then, like a spectre, they disappear as fast as they arrived. Tonight has been outstanding and as the room clears, it won’t be a gig Birmingham will forget very easily.  

The questions on everyone’s minds are can the band carry on this winning streak? What is next in store for these boys, and where will their music take them? As people leave the venue, one thing’s for certain, 2012 has definitely been this band’s year.


Words by Sophie Sparham

Photos by Gobinder Jhitta


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