*Internet explodes*

Oh hell yes.

OutKast are strongly rumoured to be reuniting - not that the pairing of André 3000 and Big Boi actually officially disbanded - to mark their 20th anniversary as a rap duo of utmost awesomeness.

The pair - responsible for the classic 2000 album 'Stankonia', the evergreen socio-political funk of 1998's 'Aquemini', and a handful of blistering singles (who doesn't dance to 'Hey Ya!' when the wedding DJ drops it?) - came together in Atlanta, Georgia in the early 1990s, releasing debut album 'Southernplayalisticadillacmusik' in April '94. The record was an immediate breakthrough, peaking at 20 on the US Billboard chart. The second OutKast LP, 1996's 'ATliens', smashed its way to second place on the same chart - foundations for a global campaign, properly laid.

The rest is, indeed, history. Massive sales, massive acclaim. So much love. But after 2006's 'Idlewild' album/soundtrack, both André and Big Boi decided to pursue their own projects - the latter having released two mighty fine flying-solo LPs to date. However great Big Boi alone is, though, demand for an OutKast comeback has remained high for several years.

So hooray for this reunion news - reported all over the shop, including at the Guardian and Dummy. Word is that OutKast will play the 2014 Coachella Festival, held in April - which weekend, we don't know, but keep an eye on the festival site for information - before embarking on what can only be described as a US tour. That's usually what "multiple venues" means, right?

A (live, at least) reunion had been hinted at by Big Boi back in 2010. He told Clash's Mike Diver, then writing for the BBC: "If André wants to get on stage, we can do just about anything we want. So it's all on Mr 3000." Looks like Mr 3000 has finally come around to the idea. 

So it's probably only fair to say: please, please, please... OutKast, come to Blighty. It's nice here, really. We drive on the wrong side and our Coke is all different - but other than those things, we're gold, honest.

Is this the best news of the day... of the week? Obviously, yes. A classic "futuristic-type thang" for you, to celebrate...

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The new issue of Clash magazine is out now. It's almost as good as this news is.