No bats to be found !

Hafdis Huld - SXSW Blog pt. 2

If you find bats on the ground under Bat bridge you are not allowed to pick them up !!!!!

I went on a mission today to find a bat but they are nowhere to be seen, I am starting to think this is false advertising, well I have one more day to find a pet bat.

When you walk along 6th street at the moment you can instantly spot the English boys, they´re the ones in the skinny jeans with the long hair, and they are everywhere. Oh, and some of them wear sunglasses on planes, even for a 9 hour flight in economy class, yes that is dedication to the rock star image I must say.

The atmosphere here is lovely, there is music everywhere and you can spend all day and night watching different bands ( apart from when you are out looking for bats of course).
We have two shows tomorrow and I’m hoping there won’t be a loud rock band playing on the rooftop next to us. It is so hot here that many venues are on rooftops or have big windows open onto the street so you sometimes hear a mix of about four different bands. We will have to count on a mean banjo solo if we’re going to compete to be heard on the street tomorrow.

Later my darlings


Hafdis Huld

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