A feast of folk
Matthew And Me - Tamesis Dock, London

This evening’s ear adventure starts with a walk down the Thames to Tamesis Dock, where a lovely converted 1930's Dutch barge will be playing host to a feast of folk.

The folksters are Matthew & Me, a five piece from the wilds of Totnes in Devon. Who, after already gathering quite a following in the West Country, are setting their sights on London and with selling out tonight’s gig, expectations are high. First impressions are good, this band have an easy energy and look comfortable on stage. Their lighthearted chatty banter and humility is an instant draw.

Together they create a luxuriant mix of sound, Andrew Hopper’s guitar riffs add extra depth and solidity to lead singer Matthew Board’s beautiful falsetto, which manages to make even the more morose subject matter of heartbreak and loss, feel rousing and upbeat. This coupled with mellifluous harmonies brings quite a poppy feel, akin to the likes of Arcade Fire. Credit goes to drummer Lucy Fawcett, the true heart to this band, perfectly tying everything together and driving them forward like the wind in the sails.

The set has a good pace, however towards the end things start to lag, but not for long as a timely injection of energy comes with the more upbeat offering, 'Modern Life'. Its jangly beats getting everyone clapping and tapping once more. This wave of sanguine is ridden through to the end where we are treated to an encore. Upon its close, as the final notes drift off across the Thames, what’s left behind is a sea of smiley faces, affirmation to the success of tonight’s gig. The Indie/folk market has new contenders.

Words by Vanessa Higgins
Photo by Chris Trevena

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