Tiny gig ahead of new album

Manic Street Preachers played one their smallest gigs in years last night for a secret show at Hammersmith Working Men’s Club.

Up to 100 fans got the chance to see the Welsh trio perform in the intimate West London venue after the band posted a special postcard on their website asking their hardcore followers to come along for the celebration of their 10th album ‘Postcards From A Young Man’.

Bassist Nicky Wire, who wore a white sailor suit throughout the show, had spent most of the day expressing how nervous he was to be playing their first gig from their new album on the radio.

From the outset you could see why as the band, who were backed by a string section, suffered a few technical hitches as they tried to launch into new single and album opener ‘(It’s Not War) – Just The End Of Love’.

Despite the hiccup and several more throughout, the Manics played a stunning set which surprisingly only featured four songs from their new album, most of which was backed by the string section and had a very ‘Everything Must Go’ feel about it. The bulk of the set dipped into classic Manics territory with the band playing their first ever single ‘Motown Junk’ backed up by a bizarre cover of The Jam’s ‘A Town Called Malice’.

Wire, who scissor kicked his way throughout the set, was on his usual outspoken form, dissing Radiohead and Damon Albarn before he cracked a joke about their own technical hitches. “Remember when everyone said after ‘This My Truth Tell Me Yours’ we could be the Welsh U2,” he said. “Well this is why we’re not.” The band went on to debut new track ‘Some Kind Of Nothingness’ minus Echo And The Bunnymen singer Ian McCulloch, who features on the album version before wrapping the show up with ‘A Design For Life’.

“I fucked up so many times I’m not gonna sleep for a month,” said a sweat drenched James Dean Bradfield at the end. “We’ll put it right on our UK tour though I promise.”

Manic Street Preachers setlist:

‘(It’s Not War) – Just The End Of Love’
‘You’re Love Alone Is Not Enough’
‘Everything Must Go’
‘You Love Us’
‘The Descent (Pages 1 &2)’
‘Motorcycle Emptiness’
‘A Town Called Malice/Motown Junk’
‘Kevin Carter’
‘If You Tolerate This (You’re Children Will Be Next)
‘Jackie Collins Existential Question Time’
‘Postcards From A Young Man’
‘Autumn Song’
‘Some Kind Of Nothingness’
‘A Design For Life’

Reporting by Damian Jones



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