Louis Tomlinson Becomes Glastonbury’s Campsite Hero

Not all heroes wear capes...

Louis Tomlinson become something of a folk hero on the Glastonbury camp-site this weekend.

The former One Direction star is now a solo success story, and retains his passion for new music – often using support slots on his tours to platform and accelerate younger bands.

Booking his tickets to Glastonbury, the star noticed that the festival wasn’t actually showing the vital European Championships tie England vs Slovakia – so he decided to change that.

Noticing a loophole, he simply brought his own television, set it up to show and game, and allowed anyone and everyone to come and watch the game with him.

CLASH wandered past the extravagant set up – located within spitting distance of both Woodsies and San Remo – and re-shared a photograph taken by the journalist Paul Weedon.

As it turns out – yes, that was indeed pop mega-star Louis Tomlinson surrounded by random punters, enjoying the England game.

Well, we say ‘enjoying’ – the dramatic game finished with a narrow English victory, with the team having looked at one point down and out.

Chatting to the BBC, Louis Tomlinson explained that “we brought a TV in… very Glastonbury. In some stones and a little stand. It was a little bit touch and go at times as the signal kept going out. Luckily we got the win. We pulled it off.”

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