Four night stint announced...

LOOM are set to play a four night residency in London later this year.

Residencies, that's the thing. These days, bands are often forced to play several shows a week, often peppering large cities with countless performances in an attempt to break through.

However a residency is something different. Restricting supply to increase demand, new groups can create something special by simply applying a new sense of focus to the way they approach live performances.

LOOM caused an enormous stir with their debut single earlier this year, and the psych-punk cosmonauts are now set to play four special shows in London.

Taking control of the Black Heart in Camden, the band will perform on September 4rd, September 19th and October 9th, October 24th.

Tickets are on sale now.

LOOM are, of course, long term Clash favourites. Check out 'Acid City King' - a former Track of the Day exclusive - HERE.

LOOM are set to play the following shows:

4 London Black Heart
19 London Black Heart

9 London Black Heart
24 London Black Heart

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