Squid, Greentea Peng, Griff and Black Country, New Road to feature in first wave...

The good folks at LIVENow have today announced a new four-part event series entitled 'Live From Another World' airing throughout June.

Featuring four of our favourite performers; SquidGreentea Peng, Griff and Black Country, New Road - the series promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

Offering artists the opportunity to take their audiences on an immersive journey into their imagined digital world.

Every episode will be totally different, a unique world view and bespoke set build where the frontiers of digital and physical landscapes meet.

Creating an entirely alternative head space for each installment of the series.

Given the vivid imaginations of all four creatives involved, these experiences promise to yield an incredible otherworldly window into their creative psyche.

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The series is free to watch, secure your tickets for the 'Live From Another World' event series HERE.

Squid - June 3rd

Greentea Peng - June 10th

Griff - June 17th

Black Country, New Road - June 24th

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Tune into the epic teaser now...

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SQUID - June 3rd 2021

Squid’s output is the musical equivalent of the inventions made in Dexter’s Laboratory. Though there are countless bands whose work feels like grand scientific experiments, none better encapsulates the nerdy joy of toying with sounds quite like the mercurial Brighton-originated quintet. Their debut album 'Bright Green Field' is their most concrete set of findings yet.

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GREENTEA PENG - June 10th 2021

The London artist sits in the nexus between jazz, neo-soul, hip-hop, and dub, merging these into a distinctive and totally unique sound. Debut album 'Man Made' is her opus - sitting at 18 tracks, it's a huge body of work, one imbued with real passion. Greentea Peng labels the record "an exploration of self and sound, an offering of healing, a provocation of Hu Man spirit soul...". The lead single visuals are immediately striking and set in a shadowy, sinister cityscape.

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GRIFF - June 17th 2021

An unwavering tastemaker, Griff is pushing beyond the bounds of emotional electro-pop to achieve something greater — the 20-year-old British singer-songwriter is gracefully carving out her legacy. Griff’s pursuit of success is one rooted in a dedication to being uniquely herself. The upcoming mixtape, ‘One Foot In Front Of The Other’, is emblematic of this very graft.

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The band exist in a paradox where so-called high and low art intersect; this is noticeable throughout 'For the first time', making it a unique listen (where else would you hear references to Kanye West amid a fusion of jazz and post-punk?). Nothing less than a milestone in modern British guitar music. In some ways, they are the result of the Internet: 'For the first time' is the sound of being overwhelmed by information and the easy access to art and pop culture. Seemingly, it’s because of this that their influences are all over the place.

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Secure your tickets for the 'Live From Another World' event series HERE.

Tune into the teaser now...

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