Live Report: Soundhood Hackney 2024

Taking control of the neighbourhood...

SON Estrella Galicia has returned to London for their largest offering to date. The musical arm of Spanish family-owned brewery Estrella Galicia has a longstanding history of hosting events which combine a passion for beer, live music, gastronomy, and Estrella’s sustainable ethos. Since placing roots in Hackney’s own Paper Dress Vintage, they have recently expanded to the coast, making a home of Brighton’s renowned Prince Albert pub. Following their second event in Brighton which was a sold-out success, SON Estrella Galicia has set their sights on growing within East London with Soundhood Hackney which took place over two nights, across two venues.

After a stellar first night which featured Sworn Virgins, Plantoid and Gia Ford at Paper Dress Vintage, I attended night two to see Estrella Galicia take over Hackney’s buzziest new venue, Two Palms. The night would feature Brighton noise rock outfit DITZ, Gallus, and Cosmorat, as well as DJ sets from Mondowski and Jeff Higgins. 

I kick off the evening with a workshop held at Paper Dress Vintage. Estrella Galicia’s experts are hosting an activity called ‘What Does Your Beer Sound Like?’, combining beer tasting with making a song, showing the harmony between the composition of both beer and music. I’m invited to create a song based on what I feel the beer sounds like  using a virtual soundboard. It’s fun, immersive, and really allows you to get a feel for what SON Estrella Galicia is all about. Being able to show off your production skills is a plus! I then venture a couple of minutes down the road to Two Palms, where the magic is due to happen. The venue is cosy yet vibrant, and people are settling in both upstairs and down as Cosmorat gear up for their set. While waiting, I help myself to an incredible pizza provided by Two Palms’ Food Fight and settle down at a table with a perfect view of the stage. As it turns out, I won’t be sitting for long. 

Cosmorat take the stage with a “dance like nobody’s watching” energy that makes you want to get up and jump around with them. With pop-centric instrumentation and punchy lyricism, Cosmorat are a sprightly presence. They brighten the venue with ease, starting things off on an all-around fun note. Glasgow indie-punk outfit Gallus, true to their name, follow in something of a rager. I’m positioned on the balcony part of the venue with a bird’s eye view of the space. Spirited and mostly clad in football shirts, the band is setting Two Palms off. The rowdy bunch bring an eager crowd to a point of shouting along to the lyrics, moshing, and even supporting the frontman to crowd surf his way to the bar. 

By this point, the room feels revved up for DITZ – though something feels a little off when they start setting up. Unfortunately the drummer is pretty unwell, but it doesn’t stop him from joining the rest of the band on stage. I’m feeling unsure about whether the show will be able to go on, but my worries are quickly dissolved. A great band in both sound and showmanship, DITZ pace themselves and ultimately persevere. Excitingly, the setlist mainly features new material. However, they do draw upon their 2022 album ‘The Great Regression’ a few times, with the audience being particularly receptive to ‘I Am Kate Moss’. Vocalist Cal Francis holds a comfortable and lighthearted presence, joking around and simultaneously restless. Francis speaks in cool and collected prose, weaving throughout the crowd with microphone lead in tow, up the stairs, around the balcony and back once again. Occasionally lurching back for a shriek into the microphone. It’s busy, loud and intriguing. I’m absorbing every second. The bass lines are muddy, guitar riffs rattling, I can feel the kick drum in my chest. When it’s over I’m winded, with the question “so, when’s the next album?” swirling in my mind.

SON Estrella Galicia continues to maintain a unique way of contributing to Hackney’s vibrant music scene, and I’m all for it. With more Soundhood events to come, keep an eye out – you won’t want to miss their next neighbourhood takeover. 

Words: Kayla Sandiford
Photography: Alex Amorós / @alex_amoros

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