In association with Clash, at London’s Concrete…

With memories of last week’s performances from Shelter Point and Jamie Isaac still lingering, fans returned again to Shoreditch hotspot Concrete for a final instalment of the Select sessions.

Clash DJs set the tone, applying themselves to a diverse array of indie, Motown and other floorfillers. With fans flooding into the venue, Freddie Dickson took to the stage amid mounting anticipation.

Shrewd indie-indebted songcraft, the Hackney songwriter is joined by full band for an impressive display. Warm of tone and welcoming of nature, the young artist holds himself with a rare confidence.

A concise display of potential, Dickson’s heartfelt, often nakedly emotional songwriting leaves behind him no small smattering of newfound fans.

The Mispers are a band on the rise. Each show seems to find feverish supporters cramming into venues, with the London band’s fusion of classic songwriting, fresh flourishes and folk textures proving to be an enticing formula.

Ramping up the volume, the band treats the Concrete audience to a powerful, muscular live show. ‘Dark Bits’ retains its lingering sense of menace, while ‘Coasts’ remains as affirming as the first time it emerged online.

Climaxing in a maelstrom of noise, feedback and fiddles, The Mispers' eminent appeal is just beginning to be tapped. The crowd spills back out into the streets, a climactic instalment of Select shuffling with them.

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Photos: Carys Lavin

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