Live Report: Louis Tomlinson – Farmasi Arena, Rio de Janeiro

A colossal performance...

“Together we’re the greatest.” It’s with this song, ‘The Greatest’, that singer Louis Tomlinson starts his show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on May 8th – 10 years after the boyband One Direction performed in the same state.

The British singer – who had his last solo show in the country in 2022, during the Walls album tour – performed at the Farmasi Arena, which has a capacity for 18,000 people. Throughout the show, he shows his love for the fans and embraces the warm energy that is the hallmark of the Brazilian audience. “I fucking love you all,” he says.

The performance, which features 21 songs in total, mames the audience dance non-stop to the electrifying beats and guitar solos of his incredible band.

Louis sings defining solo hits like ‘Back To You’, ‘Face The Music’, and ‘Out Of My System’ to One Direction songs like ‘Night Changes’ and ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’. For the singer, incorporating his musical style into the songs of the memorable boyband is an easy task.

Interweaving his pop-rock beats with the emotional and romantic lyrics of One Direction, Louis creates an incredible atmosphere for both old and new fans after tirelessly working to discover his musical direction. He made it.

The fans also put on a show by singing loudly, which does not go unnoticed by the singer. “Rio, you beautiful people. Every single second of this gig has been so fucking loud.”

Furthermore, the audience present at the show also prepared a surprise for the singer: during the song ‘Angels Fly’, fans raised silver stars, referencing a passage from the song. “If every star is an eye in the sky, you’ll see angels fly.”

Louis Tomlinson concludes the first show of his tour in Brazil — he will go on to perform in São Paulo and Curitiba — with the song ‘Silver Tongues’, a hit from the singer’s career that celebrates friendship and the joy it brings, reminding us that we will always have a comfortable place in the company of our friends.

The lyrics, which fit perfectly with Louis’ relationship with the fans, resonating with fans’ feelings at the end of the show. “You smile at me and say it’s time to go. But I don’t feel like going home.”

Words: Isadora + Isabella Wandermurem

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