Live Report: Limp Bizkit – The Piece Hall, Halifax

A red-hot set from the nu-metal gurus...

While plenty of eyes may have been on Sunday’s record-breaking show in Gunnersbury Park, the real gem of Limp Bizkit’s second UK tour of the year took place the night before. Deep into West Yorkshire, 5,500 fans descended on Halifax as the nu-metal icons took the stage at the town’s historic Piece Hall.

Limp Bizkit in an 18th-century cloth hall – it’s quite the antithesis. As Fred Durst and co. took to the stage, you half expected an avalanche from the glorious ridge that overlooks the venue when the first riff of ‘Show Me What You Got’ erupted out of the stage. I’m not sure even Durst anticipated what followed – pure pandemonium that only a Yorkshire crowd can provide, from the front to the back. Any attempts at an individual mosh pit were drowned out, the entire crowd acting as a single unit.

“This might just be my new favourite spot” Durst admitted, as ‘My Generation’ kickstarted a run of classics, including ‘Hot Dog’ and the timeless ‘Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle).’ This is a band who shut up and play the hits. Guitarist Wes Borland is on red-hot form, his venomous riffs booming out of the PA.

History will not always remember Limp Bizkit – and nu-metal – in the best light. Yet, their live show has managed to hit a new peak. Durst has clearly polished his clean vocals, delivering a rather random yet wholesome cover of Nirvana’s ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ before Borland took us into a guitar store, messing around with some Guns N’ Roses riffs. Even DJ Lethal got in on the act, looping the drum intro to Blur’s ‘Song 2’ before Bizkit hit us with Durst’s weapon of choice at karaoke in the form of ‘My Way.’

Despite taking about six attempts to understand the “Yorkshire” chants, Durst was leading them by the end of the set. Bringing a fan called Liv up on stage to duet ‘Full Nelson’, the set never lost its energy – perhaps aside from ‘Dad Vibes’. Taken from their latest record ‘STILL SUCKS’, I still haven’t figured out if it’s a disasterclass or a stroke of brilliance.

There was no ‘Counterfeit’ or ‘Eat You Alive’, but the inevitable climax of ‘Break Stuff’ more than compensated; the essential Limp Bizkit moment. They came, they saw, they conquered.

Words: Rishi Shah
Photo Credit: Cuffe and Taylor & The Piece Hall

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