Live Report: Liam Gallagher – Knebworth

A triumphant and rousing return for the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll star…

So: Knebworth. Again! With high expectation and an even higher demand for tickets, Liam Gallagher’s announcement that he was to play Knebworth was met with intrigue, excitement and much anticipation.

Would he be living in the shadow of that history-making gig from 1996? Fast forward to 2022 and Liam is making history all over again. Two sold out gigs at Knebworth, another number one album – ‘C’mon You Know’ and his live album – the brilliant ‘Down By The River Thames’ attaining a Top 4 position this week.

Our kid has still got it!

But it’s not just about the music, if you have ever been to any Oasis, Beady Eye or Liam gig, you will know what I am talking about. It’s the special and unique relationship between Liam and his ardent fans. Most of which have been there since the ‘Definitely Maybe’ days, but there’s also an ever-increasing collection of younger fans in the crowds who are seeing him for the first time.

Liam may have matured over the years, reminiscent of a fine wine – but he’s still the coolest cat in town which has made him one of the most enduring musical icons in history.

Resplendent in a pristine white parka, LG took to the stage in front of a delighted crowd and kicked off proceedings with ‘Hello’, swiftly followed by ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ (which he dedicated to Bonehead), and ‘Morning Glory’ in quick succession which took the crowd from elated to frenzied in just three songs.

This was followed by ‘Wall of Glass’, a fantastic and slightly underrated track from 2017’s ‘As You Were’ and ‘Shockwave’ from ‘Why Me? Why Not’.

At this point, Liam peered into the crowd asking, who was here in 1996? Apparently quite a few people! He then segued into 1997’s ‘Stand By Me’ from ‘Be Here Now’.  

This was a gig primarily of two halves – a nostalgic trip down memory lane of Oasis classics and a chance to showcase tracks from ‘C’mon You Know’, his third solo album and IMO his best album to date.

A captivating performer with a charismatic stage presence. Liam engaged with the crowd with a delightful combination of charm, energy and humour – he had the audience in the palms of his hands as he continued with his amazing set.

From the fantastic ‘More Power’ and ‘Diamond In The Dark’ to ‘Everything's Electric’ – an absolute belter of a track co-penned by Dave Grohl, Liam showcased not only his rock ‘n’ roll credentials but his innate ability to give an all-consuming, emotive and powerful performance.

Gene Gallagher joined his dad on stage drumming for him on two tracks which included ‘The River’. – ‘Better Days’ and ‘C'Mon You Know’ – the title track from the album were also standout performances and showcased what an exemplary performer Liam is. He sings like his life depends on it and this Knebworth gig was one of the best vocal performances of his that I have heard.  

But, Liam always gives the crowd what they want and it was time for a return to the nineties with some Oasis classics ‘Some Might Say’, ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’, ‘Supersonic’, an emotionally-charged ‘Wonderwall’ and Live Forever, which he touchingly dedicated to his mum Peggy who was in attendance.

Closing out an electrifying show was ‘Champagne Supernova’, where Liam was joined by the one and only John Squire who reprised his appearance from the Oasis Knebworth gig from 1996. “A big fucking round of applause for the coolest man on the planet!” Liam told the crowd.

For those attending tonight’s gig at Knebworth, you won’t be disappointed. Expect an unforgettable night of biblical proportions.

Forget Royal fever this Platinum Jubilee weekend, for his fans, it’s all about King Liam!

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Words: Emma Harrison

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