Live Recap: RLY For CLASH Live At Metropolis Studios

The 5-piece girl band join CLASH for a live session and interview…

RLY (Real Like You) were the featured act for October’s Clash Live showcase at Metropolis Studios, created in association with our partners ellesse.

RLY are Jess, Kelli, Kyra, Halle, and Virginia, next-gen risers creating inviting and invigorating songs for the masses. Still fresh on the scene with just two singles to their name, RLY pull from the pantheon of transatlantic pop and RnB, but with a homegrown, modern twist. Signed by industry veteran Darcus Beese (the man behind Sugababes, Amy Winehouse, Dizzee Rascal, Florence + The Machine), the journey to now has been a gradual one, focused not on instant-grat moves but on creative synergy and artist development. 

“We’ve had a lot of ups and downs, and we had a lot to get through as a group. We’ve supported each other through it all. All in all, it’s made us stronger. We could have given up a long time ago and we haven’t. Fundamentally, we always wanted to do this together,” Jess tells us. 

Second single, ‘Superpower’ – the group’s performance piece –  is testament to their fortitude. Packing in ornate harmonies, soaring choruses and empowered messaging, it ups the ante from the diaristic feel of debut single ‘Love Me Or Not’. “It was our second studio session together,” Jess says of recording ‘Superpower’. “We were talking about things we’d been through, and how tough things had been the last few years. We wanted to put a positive spin on something that was really heavy. It was an emotionally draining session in the best way.” 

Today’s Metropolis Studios experience is a symbolic moment for the group – the culmination of hours upon hours of rehearsal and craft refinement. “We prep hard when it comes to a live show; vocal warm-ups, dance rehearsals…” Of what to expect from a RLY live experience, the group have all bases covered. “You can expect movement, energy, harmonies, vocals. We’ve written these songs and they mean a lot. We have some acoustic moments as well; Kels on guitar and we jump on piano for a bit.” 

For two members of RLY, there’s a personal link to the mythic space that is Metropolis. “Me and Kyra met on a TV show when we were 12. We actually performed in a studio next door together,” says Kelli. “We stayed in a hotel just down the road. We have so many memories walking through this space. I didn’t know at that point that we’d remain friends and be here in a girl group. Performing here today is a full circle moment.”

With a group ethos predicated around honouring each other’s quirks and differences, RLY create music to commune with and to: “It’s important we’re relatable to our listeners. We all need someone to look up to, to look at and say, ‘I’m like them!’”

Having teased their sound and all-embracing spirit, RLY are gearing up for a mammoth 2024: “Next year is our year. Expect lots of songs. We’re going to have fun…”

Watch RLY’s performance of ‘Superpower’ and their full interview below:

Photo Credit: Sam Rockman

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