Live Gallery: Amen Dunes – KOKO, London

A cathartic performance...

Damon McMahon was pushed to the brink – before he decided to push back. New album ‘Death Jokes’ is his project Amen Dunes at its starkest, a song cycle of riveting emotion and personal transformation.

At its core, is his unrelenting spirit. It’s the same passion that drove earlier works – 2014’s wonderful ‘Love’; the enchanting 2018 LP ‘Freedom’ – but taken up a notch, working with alacrity and assurance.

CLASH spoke to the American artist earlier this year, and he commented:

I hope people will realise that there’s something in there that they maybe don’t understand, but would then have the desire to try and figure out what I’m talking about. Then from there, to make their own judgment whether they agree or disagree. That’s what I would wish, for people not to care about it being ‘my’ album in particular, but for them to take the opportunity to care about art in a thorough way. 

Taking the album out on the road, Amen Dunes hit London’s KOKO last night – July 9th – for a cathartic live show.

Photographer Rachel Lipsitz got up close.

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