Irish noise rockers cover Beat Happening...
Girl Band

One of the most wonderful things about Ireland’s Girl Band is their unexpected influences, their oddly diverting reference points.

Sure, the group might come off as darker-than-dark post-rock noise troops but underneath that lie some intriguing fare. Referencing Sam Cooke for their Record Store Day single, Girl Band have now covered Beat Happening.

Calvin Johnson’s legendary K Records band arguably turned punk on its head with their twee Olympia hymns, with Kurt Cobain sketching a tattoo of the label’s shield onto his arm.

Girl Band certainly inject their fair share of abrasive noise into ‘I Love You’. Exploring the darker regions of Johnson’s songwriting, it’s a sign of the group’s ability to stamp their own identity onto any source material which crosses their path.

Check it out now.

‘De Bom Bom’ b/w ‘I Love You’ will be released on September 1st.

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