Lily Allen Gets Political

Flips Dubya 'The Bird'

Foul mouthed pop princess Lily Allen got political at a recent show in Los Angeles, controversially sticking her middle finger up at former US President George W Bush.

Ah ‘The Bird’ – the sign most beloved of school children not quite sure what they’re doing, but quite keen to offend people. Lily Allen is currently on a charm offensive in the United States, playing a host of shows but seems keen to voice her opinions whenever she can.

The singer has been in hot water recently after she made comments on drugs in an interview with a British newspaper. Forced to back track, Lily Allen has found solace entertaining thousands at her American shows.

Visitors to the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles on April 2nd however got more than they bargained for. Introducing the song ‘Fuck You’ the singer spoke out against George W Bush. “This song is about George W Bush, who by the way I’m quite happy isn’t president anymore,” she said before beginning the song.

At one point almost the entire audience were holding their middle fingers aloft. Astonishingly, Allen’s mother was there to see the display, but was stuck up in the balcony to the singer’s displeasure.

“Who put you all the way up there?” the singer demanded. Allen also changed from high heels into her customary trainers claiming “no one appreciates Jordans like Los Angeles.”

Lily Allen is set to release her new single ‘Not Fair’ on May 11th.

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