Your vote is needed!

It’s less than a week to the Levi’s Craft of Music Origins gigs, have you cast your votes yet? If not, Why not?! This series of gigs, brought to you by Levi’s, Clash and Spotify, is giving you the chance to make you mark on a huge musical experience.

Not only will voting allow you to choose the playlist, support bands AND a song to cover, it will also give you the chance to win tickets to any of the three Origins gigs plus the main event: Primal Scream at the Electric Brixton.

First thing’s first, you choose the support bands. Just pick your top two from Swimming, Dry the River, Worship, Nedry, Let’s Buy Happiness and Visions of Trees and cast your votes. To get a taste for the talent, you can follow the link below to win tickets to the Origins gigs.

These gigs, held at the Levi’s flagship store on London’s Regent Street on 25th, 26th and 27th October, are the precursor to the headline show. This will take place on 10th November at the Electric Brixton in, surprise, surprise: Brixton. This final gig will be headlined by the one-and-only Primal Scream, if we hadn’t mentioned already.

Next, the set list. Pick ten of your favourite Primal Scream tracks from the 20 on offer and the band will dutifully deliver a performance tailored to your needs.

As an additional bonus (as if that wasn’t enough!) Primal Scream will include a cover version of a song that inspired the band. Guess what? You get to pick that too.

But remember: Use your power wisely. As we revealed last week, Mani is hitting the road with The Stone Roses and who knows when he’ll be coming back!

This could well be the last chance you’ll get to see Primal Scream playing an intimate London venue with their current setup so click HERE to cast your votes and win tickets.

Words by Emily Anderton