Keane To Play Intimate Fierce Panda Show

To celebrate their 10th anniversary...

Keane are set to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their first ever release with an intimate Fierce Panda show.

Keane were never assured of success. The band stood completely out of step with their contemporaries – when every other band in the country went garage rock, Keane were working out how to get a piano into their van.

Yet Fierce Panda saw something in those earnest, passionate early performances. The tiny independent swiftly pressed up debut single 'Everybody's Changing' and follow up 'This Is The Last Time', sparking a decade long run of success.

To mark this anniversary, Keane are set to play a one off show. Taking place at the Tunbridge Wells Forum on October 25th, tickets will go on sale from 9am Monday morning (October 7th).

"This is Keane going back to their roots in every possible sense" explains Fierce Panda head honcho Simon Williams. "The first time I saw them was with another 31 lucky souls at the 12 Bar Club in Denmark Street (note to Wikiland – NOT the Betsy Trotwood). What I remember most about their early gigs was their brilliantly casual approach to the live circuit – no matter how scuzzy the venue, no matter the indie schmindieness of the other bands on the bill Keane never moaned or moped or overthought things – they just gently rocked up and got on with it. And bearing in mind in 2003 we put them on at the Metro, the Bull & Gate and even in some venues which are still open, like the Dublin Castle and finally the ICA, that's a lot of gentle rocking up".

"There'll be more than 31 people at the Tunbridge Wells Forum, but not that many more. Keane could have easily revisited the Arena circuit which is now their live home but somehow that would have missed the point. For this show is as close they will ever get to the innocent spirit and head-spinning fun of 2003."

Keane's Tom Chaplin was quick to praise the label. "We're delighted to tell you that we're downing all our fancy production and heading to the Tunbridge Wells Forum for a show on October 25th" he said. "As well as being part of the celebrations for the 'Best Of', this will mark 10 years since the release of ‘Everybody's Changing’ on legendary indie label Fierce Panda. Fierce Panda got us (and many other bands) started on our way, so this is a bit of a nod to their wonderfulness. See you there!"

'The Best Of Keane' is set to be released on November 11th. Keane have confirmed the following show:

25 Tunbridge Wells Forum

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