Kali Malone Concert Halted By French Catholic Fundamentalists

Local mayor calls off show due to "risk of violence..."

A show by Kali Malone was stopped from going ahead by Catholic fundamentalists in France.

The American born composer has been based in Stockholm for over a decade now, with her minimalist flair finding fresh nuance within a number of instruments. Kali Malone is particularly associated with the pipe organ, and naturally has played at several church venues across Europe.

A regular on NTS, Kali Malone opened 2023 with the excellent project ‘Does Spring Hide Its Joy’, which featured Stephen O’Malley on electric guitar, Lucy Railton on cello, and Malone on tuned sine wave oscillators.

Stephen O’Malley then organised You Origin, a series of art events around the megalithic site Alignements de Carnac.

Kali Malone was due to play Saint-Cornély Church in Carnac last night – May 13th – when a group of Far Right French Catholic fundamentalists formed a blockade outside the venue. According to those on the ground, the group – which numbered around 25 people – then gained access to the building, forcing a stand-off with authorities.

A statement from the promoters of the show reveals that the Mayor of Carnac decided to call off the performance, due to “fear of violence” from the protestors.

You Origin were behind the organisation of the performance, and say they are “saddened” by the events.

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