Duo could collaborate...

Johnny Marr and Nile Rodgers jammed onstage at the Parklife weekender on Saturday (June 9th).

An indie icon, Johnny Marr's influences run far deeper than most. The guitarist's tastes span the musical spectrum, running from blues to funk, 60s psych to electronica.

Retaining an outspoken affection for Nile Rodgers, the Chic guitarist's appearance at Parklife weekender in Manchester sparked all manner of rumours. Sure enough, Johnny Marr emerged onstage to blast through 'Le Freak'.

The second time the pair have jammed onstage, Johnny Marr spoke to the NME afterwards and revealed that he would love to collaborate with Nile Rodgers.

"I think it could easily happen" he said. "My situation has always been exactly the same as Nile's in that I’ve always made records with people I’ve become friends with and have something in common with and me and Nile have that".

Looking back, Johnny Marr described Nile Rodgers as a "game changer" for him as a guitar player. "Nile's music was a game changer for me in 1978 when I was finding my guitar style" the indie icon explained, before adding: "he's a huge influence."

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