Jarvis Cocker In News Of The World Rant

During Pulp's T In The Park set

Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker has celebrated the demise of the News Of The World at T In The Park.

An always controversial newspaper, the News Of The World finally shut up shop today (July 10th) after 168 years of production. Ending its run after allegations of phone tapping were proved to be endemic, the newspaper’s demise has delighted some vociferous critics.

Pulp took to the stage at T In The Park fresh from the knowledge that the newspaper would end production. Clearly in a gleeful mood, Jarvis Cocker opened the set with a passionate rendition of ‘Do You Remember The First Time?’.

Later, the singer told the crowd to remember the last time the News Of The World was published. Holding the final edition aloft, Jarvis Cocker then proceeded to use the newspaper as toilet roll.

With the crowd egging him on, the frontman then told the T In The Park audience “that’s the only thing that piece of shit has been good for in 168 years”.

Tossing the paper aside, Jarvis Cocker then threw himself into a memorable set. Drawing on Pulp’s full back catalogue, the band played a few surprises but the highlights were – as ever – those classic singles.

‘Babies’ drew a cheer from the crowd before Jarvis Cocker introduced ‘Sorted For Es And Wizz’. Running down to greet the audience, the frontman threw sweets into the crowd before guiding Pulp through a lengthy rendition of ‘This Is Hardcore’.

Searching for his newspaper, Jarvis Cocker then saluted the Balado crowd. Pointing to the News Of The World he celebrated the SNP victory in the Holyrood elections, stating “let’s face it – they’re all in it together”.

Dedicating the final song to the T In The Park crowd, Pulp finished with a stunning version of ‘Common People’. Sparking scenes of euphoria across the site, the Sheffield legends then left to warm adulation.

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