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Despite its critics, the British festival season can still throw up some special moments.

The moments during a performance when the crowd just seems to filter away, leaving you alone watching something special emerge onstage. Every fan has one, a time when the setting, the music and the atmosphere coalesced to craft something far bigger than the sum of its parts.

With Camden Crawl fast approaching, ClashMusic tracked down a few of the names from the line up to ask them about their 'I Was There...' moment.

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Glasvegas (Paul Donoghue)
The first festival I remember playing was on the Isle of Skye. I can't remember the name but I'm pretty sure it was the "Isle of Skye festival. When we were driving round the island looking for it I remember James hanging out of his Dad's cars sunroof, praying we didn't eneter any tunnels and decapitate him. We went onstage in a tent that held about two thousand people but I think there was only about two hundered there to see us! Later on we got to see Echo and the Bunnymen for the first time though, so it's a fond memory for me.

This was very important to me as it was my introduction to them. I remember standing in the tent wondering how their music could fill every inch of it, as though it was being beamed down from another place. It was a great feeling and I would have missed out on so much if I hadn't been there.

Lady Leshurr
One of the most memorable performances was in London on the MOBO tour where it actually FELT like my own concert and I had people screaming my name it was awesome. I even noticed someone wearing my merchandise in the crowd singing along to every word, it was surreal.

Charli XCX
Most hilarious moment has got to be getting in the ball pond at Secret Garden Party at 10am after a big night, just to relax - only to find 2 naked people in there under all the balls having sex. Gross. But hilarious.

The Alpines (Bob Matthews)
As a fan, I think seeing Kings Of Leon at Benicassim 2007 was a pretty special moment. 'Because Of The Times' was an amazing album which had just come out and it felt like the world was theirs for the taking. Things seemed to go downhill from there though!

Fear Of Men
Bjork at Glastonbury 2006 was amazing.

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Camden Crawl runs between May 5th - 7th.

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