Howdy y’all!

Hafdis Huld - SXSW Blog pt. 1

Howdy y´all !

Everybody is so friendly here in Austin. We got on the bus this morning heading for the conference centre, and as soon as we sat down a cowboy asked us how y’all doin’ today, here for the festival?. I think our pale legs and the fact that my manager was fighting a big map might have given our tourist status away. And so that we wouldn´t get lost he actually got off the bus and walked with us to the centre and gave a little guided tour on the way.
We’ve spent our first day here in Texas just figuring out where everything is, finding the venue’s we’re playing, eating stacks of american pancakes at old classic diners and taking in that everything here looks like a movie set. ( Maybe it just looks like a movie set to us because we are staying at a Highway motel that looks just like it’s from a 70’s film. You know like the one’s where the cops always find the criminals in the end, or where the american housewife (obviously in another film ) would go to have an affair)
Oh and we also went for a walk over Bat bridge on a mission to find some glitter shops, there are real bat’s under the bridge and Sarah was a bit scared but I was very rock ‘ n roll just chillin’ with the bats. Didn’t find much glitter, but found a very interesting sweetshop that sells chocolate covered worms and cheese and onion crickets, I think the crickets might do well in the UK because English people seem to like anything with cheese and onion.
After dinner I danced on 6th street with lovely Korean drummers and dancers in colorful costumes, and I also danced with a man dressed as a big face while somebody played the violin, I like it here.

More tomorrow
Hafdis Huld

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