Spinning Oxfam's choicest cuts
Hot Chip And Friends - Live At Oxjam 2012

Hosting a party in a charity shop with only the records in shop at hand would be a nightmare for many. Comparable to turning up to DJ a party to find that you haven’t brought with you your bag of dancefloor fillers but rather your mum’s entire back catalogue of Simply Red records. Fortunately for Hot Chip, the hosts of tonight’s in-store party in Dalston’s Oxfam, the collection they have at their disposal include donations from the likes of Four Tet, The 2 Bears and Simian Mobile Disco.

Tonight is the final night of four nights of live performances to launch the month long nationwide festival Oxjam, which encourages local volunteers to set up their own music events while raising money for a great cause.

As Clash walks in, the Two Bears (Raf Rundell and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard) are spinning the classic soul and hip-hop tracks we’ve come to know of them as the lucky punters who have tickets for the night sift through the records on display. And there really are some fantastic albums on sale on both vinyl and CD with the stage regularly peppered by Hot Chip members and Four Tet’s Kieran Hebden, who aren’t shy in putting on the records they’ve found. In return, all the LPs used are signed and then re-donated to the shop.

Joe and Raf are quite clearly having fun, with the former mixing in Tina Turner with a bit of jungle music, and it’s decided by the majority that the aisles for searching through records are to become a make-shift dancefloor.

Alexis Taylor and fellow Hot Chip band member Al Doyle join the stage and like many playing tonight, have a personal relationship to the shop. Al asks the audience to be patient and admits to being panicky as they attempt to select only records from the store. Meanwhile, Alexis is burrowing through a box of records and re-appears donned with a Pocahontas-esque headset complete with plaits and Dolly Parton’s ‘9 to 5’ (perhaps not too far from the Mum party vibe). We’re told that this is a signed copy, “from Dolly to Owen”, “most likely written by Owen” Alexis adds. To follow the car-boot-sale-out-the-back-of-a-nova atmosphere we’re greeted with Salt-n-Pepa’s ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ and other fellow party classics.

There is a story to be told here though as it’s evident that stores like these serve a great purpose in housing great, affordable music. Alexis and Al drum this point home as they close with Hot Chip’s own ‘Flutes’ from the fifth album ‘In Our Heads’ telling the crowd that the percussion samples used in the track were bought in the Dalston store a few years ago.

Local resident and keen donator Four Tet keeps the party going with Simian Mobile Disco closing the show while many are still buying records. This all has us thinking, who should DJ our next jumble sale?


Words by Andrew Darby

Photo by Dan Medhurst


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