Honey Harper Previews Visions

Hackney one-dayer returns for another bout of musical excellence...

East London's nightlife is the source of endless debate right now.

A new measure by Hackney Council is aimed at trimming late licenses, and has brought locals out on to the streets in protest.

We should cherish what we have, then, and there's no better way of doing that than attending this weekend's Visions Festival.

Taking place in venues across Hackney on August 4th, it's a typically varied bill, one that veers from underground punk to plaintive solo songwriting, via a record fair and the annual dog show.

Honey Harper picks out a few highlights from the bill…

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Sassy 009 (15:30/ OVAL SPACE):
I’m not 100% positive about this, but I think we released our first singles on the same day last year… was it fate? I’m not sure. However, I believe their music would surely please the fates, just as it will please the sweaty crowd on a hot Saturday afternoon in August.

Jockstrap (15:45/ LFB THE ARCHES):
Jockstrap is a bathtub of angles and soap. Sensual and tense like a cracked computer screen with a YouTube tab of 'Love Song' by Olivia Newton-John open in the window. When the clock hits 4, you should hope to find yourself standing in front of this group under the overground.

Jonathan Bree (18:30/ NT’S):
Mouth-still and face-masked, Jonathan Bree has admirers around the world. Whether he is being imitated at Coachella or walking around in my headphones, Jonathan’s music should have a place in your ears, heart, and playlist. His set is for those who always wanted to watch a mannequin of Scott Walker perform in a gazebo at an American mall.

Blue Hawaii (19:15/ LFB THE ARCHES):
Alex (from Blue Hawaii) and I once shared a lovely dinner of knödel and wine in Kreuzberg with our lovely friend Martin. The night was warm, breezy, and beautiful…

I wrote something different and deleted it because as I was listening to their song, 'Versus Game', I was transported to being 9 or 10 in my parents’ car driving through Florida. I was listening to this Pure Disco compilation and the sun was there and it was working hard against the window where I laid my head, counting the road lines. There is something for you in their music, no doubt, come and watch them with me.

Sean Nicholas Savage (21:30/ SEBRIGHT ARMS):
When you’ve been sunburnt and you find a cool, tiled floor to rest your seared skin on, the pain and the pleasure collide as you look up to the ceiling while the fan blows a cool breeze down on your belly. Your hand reaches over to your phone, greasy from sunscreen, and you press down on your Spotify app and put on 'Inner Natural World' off of Sean’s album 'Magnificent Fist'. Suddenly, everything is fine.

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Visions takes place at venues across East London on August 4th.

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