'Bird On A Wire' to premiere

Green Man will host the first ever British showing of the Leonard Cohen film 'Bird On A Wire'.

Since facing bankruptcy after a crooked accountant swindled him out of his royalties, Leonard Cohen has simply rolled up his sleeves and embarked an a wonderful new chapter to his career.

Releasing a new album, Leonard Cohen has re-booted his literary career with some wonderful new editions of his poetry. Now a new film capturing the songwriter at his peak will receive its first ever UK showing at the Green Man.

'Bird On A Wire' was shot during Leonard Cohen's 1972 European tour, and contains some remarkable footage. A camera crew followed the songwriter across 20 dates, with the result being an astonishing insight into the career of a secretive talent.

The film is due to be shown in Britain for the first time at the 'Far Out Tent' - a specially erected 2000 capacity tent. With state of the art sound the screening will be a remarkable one off experience for fans.

Tony Palmer Director and Editor: “The film is precious to me and the venue for its first public screening vitally important, so when someone like Fiona asked me to première Bird on a Wire at Green Man and explained that it would be shown in a large circus tent in the beautiful welsh mountains, how could I possibly resist.”

Continuing, Palmer discussed the continuing importance of the film. “Maybe what is valuable about the film today is not only that it contains 17 of Cohen’s greatest songs performed by him in his prime, it has a real feel for the rough and tumble and difficulties of life on the road."

“The songs are haunting, unforgettably so. The poetry is extraordinary. But so is the man. Looking back after 38 years, my admiration for Cohen remains undiminished. The original film was made with love - I hope that quality once again shines through the restored film.”

Fans wishing to travel to The Green Man had better be prepared for disappointment. The Welsh event is completely sold out, with 'A Bird In The Wire' just one of a number of highlights planned for the festival.

Green Man takes place between August 20th - 22nd.

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