Melvin Benn exits Worthy Farm

Glastonbury's lengthy relationship with Festival Republic has come to an end, it has been confirmed.

It's summer - but yet there's no Glastonbury. Strange? You bet. The Clash team are regulars, with some (step forward Deputy Editor Matthew Bennett) having attended loyally for over a decade.

Taking a year off to allow Worthy Farm to regenerate, work is ongoing behind the scenes. The Glastonbury team are preparing for the future, which it seems will not now involve long term partners Festival Republic.

Melvin Benn's company will depart Worthy Farm on friendly terms, with Festival Republic set to be involved in lining up a replacement team. "Time moves on and now is the time for Michael and the Glastonbury team to pick up the reins again and build for the future" a statement from the company reads. (via Music Week)

"The separation has been mutual and cordial and Melvin will oversee the change and the selection of the new Operations Director (yet to be appointed). The Festival Republic interest in GFL 2011 (the operational company of Glastonbury Festival) will be passed on to LNG, Festival Republic’s parent company, in a long term arrangement that genuinely secures the future of the Festival".

Michael Eavis was quick to pay tribute to the work done by Melvin Benn. “Melvin definitely earned his stripes running the gates for us during the Eighties. This was a difficult time dealing with the closure of Stonehenge, the Battle of the Beanfield and the travellers and my attempts to accept them here at Worthy Farm was exciting but very challenging.

“We both learnt a lot about festivals then, and Melvin and I have managed to put together what is the Glastonbury we have now".

Continuing, the festival figure said: “I’ll be sorry to see him go but he has masses of responsibility with all of his shows across the world and now is a good time to part company. I’ve got just about the best team in the business and Emily and Nick are heading up the next generation to take on more responsibility as well.

“Looking across the farm at the moment I think we were very lucky to choose a good wet year to take out - amazing bit of luck! See you all next year with a very promising line-up.”

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