"We consciously try to keep it as wide and as varied as possible."
Glastonbury Festival (Credit: Carys Lavin)

Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis has revealed that the festival will feature more female-led acts this year.

The move comes as the festival circuit comes under criticism for its perceived lack of gender equality. A report in 2014 found that only 3.5% of festival acts were all female - compared to some 43% all male acts.

Speaking to Noisey, Emily Eavis explained that Glastonbury is aiming to change this. She explained: "We are strong on women this year, I have to say. There are loads of great female MCs coming through this year which is quite exciting. Little Simz and Lady Leshurr and people like that."

Of course, Glastonbury has always been known for its inclusive nature, as Eavis points out. "We consciously try to keep it as wide and as varied as possible," she said. "It’s always been pretty diverse here, but I think it’s important to think consciously about that when you’re booking."

"It’s very easy to fill the stages up with the more predictable acts, so it’s important to keep it broad and open. The crowd here is really diverse. You’ve got every type of person imaginable. A lot of people discover music here, so it’s important to open people’s minds as well."

Photo Credit: Carys Lavin

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