In order to maintain the Worthy Farm site...

Glastonbury could move to the Midlands in order to maintain the Worthy Farm site.

Michael Eavis has mooted the idea before, with the current Somerset site also doubling as a working farm.

Glastonbury will take a lie-year in 2018 to allow Worthy Farm to rejuvenate, but this could be followed by a switch to the Midlands.

Speaking to the BBC Michael Eavis said: “I am arranging one year off, say every fifth year or so, to try and move to a site that’s more suitable. But it would be a huge loss for Somerset if it went there for ever, would it not?”

Continuing, he added: “But I’ve found a site about 100 miles [away], up towards the Midlands. We’ve got a wonderful product what we do and we can do it almost anywhere. I love my own farm… I might have to move it eventually.”

“Most people are on side now and it’s a wonderful, wonderful boost for the whole of Somerset and beyond as well. I don’t want to lose it for ever, no way.”

Check out the full interview HERE.

Glastonbury 207 runs between June 21st - 25th.

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