Glastonbury 2024: Could Seventeen Steal The Show?

The K-pop group are touching down on Worthy Farm…

The line-up for Glastonbury Festival is a smorgasbord of genres. From rock to pop, via hip-hop, afrobeats, techno, reggae, and more, fans on site are able to find any potion that takes their fancy. This year the bill boasts something a little different – and it could prove to be the weekend’s most spectacular performance. Glastonbury is set to welcome K-pop icons Seventeen, and their finessed set might prove to be a weekend highlight.

Glastonbury isn’t necessarily associated with K-Pop, but there’s no better place for Seventeen to re-affirm their worth. After all, the plaudits are glittering: recent album ’17 IS RIGHT HERE’ gained more than three million (!) pre-orders well before the day of release. Even UNESCO have honoured the group, naming them Goodwill Ambassador for Youth.

So, just after lunchtime on Friday afternoon, Seventeen will make a little history. The first K-Pop group to play the Pyramid Stage, the group will be representing their corner of the pop world – and bowling over expectations in the process.

“There’s a great sense of responsibility,” Choi Seungcheol, aka band leader S Coups, told the BBC. “We’ll keep coming back to that feeling and do our best to prepare, so that we can blow everybody away… Not just our fans, but every other member of the audience.”

The group’s fans – known as CARATs – will be tuning in all over the world. All much as Seventeen are honoured to play Glastonbury, the festival should be honoured to have them. After all, only Taylor Swift sold more globally last year.

CLASH has watched the rise of Seventeen right from the start. A group who have embraced evolution, the K-Pop icons thrilled with ambition right from the beginning. Woozi told us in 2020: “Since our debut, I’ve always loved our own sound. But you may notice that our sound continues to get better and more detailed with time. We do not impose any limits on our music, and therefore, we can continue to explore new ideas and details.”

At the time, Seventeen were incredibly fresh, and it’s amazing to see how this group have fulfilled their own ambitions. S.COUPS said of his bucket list goal: “I hope SEVENTEEN can become a happy band that is loved internationally.” 

Breaking down yet more barriers at Glastonbury, Seventeen are ready to ticket off another bucket-list goal.

Seventeen will play Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury on June 28th.

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