It's starting to look up...
Glastonbury (Credit: Carys Lavin)

Glastonbury is almost synonymous with mud.

In the run up to this weekend's instalment, weather forecasters had prepared fans for the worst. But, with the gates of Worthy Farm swinging open once again, it seems that fans could escape the worst of it.

Revised forecasts from MetCheck indicate that while rain may well fall on Glastonbury, it won't match the iconic deluges of previous years.

Here's a breakdown of the latest figures from the Met Office:

Friday will open with light rain in the morning, before rising to highs of around 18 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. Clearing around 4pm, the sun should come out in early evening.

Saturday could well be generally cloudy, with a chance of light rain in late afternoon. General cloud cover should be expected, with temperatures set to reach highs of around 20 degrees Celsius.

Sunday might be the dried day of the Glastonbury weekend, although fans should anticipate heavy clouds. Temperatures will reach a high of 19 degrees Celsius in the afternoon, with a light breeze.

Have fun!

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