With Tricks of the Gods, Wildlife and Meat & Onions Gang
Get Wurst - Live At The Windmill, London

There seems to be a bit of a meaty theme going on tonight at the Brixton Windmill. The night is called Get Wurst, headlined by The Meat and Onions Gang. Greeted by free hotdogs in the garden and reduced entry if you’re wearing a tropical shirt, nobody is letting the lack of sun get in the way. If you’ve not experienced the Brixton Windmill before, it is what looks like a scout hut at the end of a residential street, a little off the beaten track but an absolute gem of a venue. It’s dark, dingy, has a smoking shed, and a dog on the roof. What more could you ask for?

With quite a diverse line up for the night, Tricks of the Gods kick off proceedings. To give you an idea of things, they’ve recently had a bunch of their tunes used in a British slasher film that has had to be censored before release. Playing a handful of tracks from their recent EP, ‘Never Be’, sounds like Kings of Leon have been taken out to the desert, force fed mescaline by Queens of the Stone Age and put on a stage. They’ve got a hard slot pitched against England playing on the widescreen in the back, but by the time they’re done they manage to get a respectable crowd drawn in.

Next on is the as yet unnamed, reshaped line up of Sixnationstate. This is their first proper outing and they’ve not lost the knack of writing pure hook filled pop songs. New girl on bass and with three of them on guitar, they aren’t shy of a harmony. There’s no doubt these guys grew up on the fab four and with a set of completely new songs this is definitely a new band, we’ll just have to wait and see what they’re going to be called.

Bringing the moodiness to the night is Hertfordshire four piece Wildlife. They don’t say much but luckily the music does the talking. ‘Don’t Expect’ has a killer riff and thunders along with bass in your face. If all the bands of recent years trying to emulate the sounds of Joy Division were actually a bit interesting and had something about them, then you’re kind of getting close. They also bring back memories of Agent Blue; whatever happened to them?

Heading up this meat themed evening is the aptly named Meat and Onions Gang. Walking into the Windmill earlier in the evening it wasn’t hard to spot who was a meathead. Decked out in blood stained butchers coats, this is raw, angry working class punk at its best. Reminiscent of The Clash, songs like ‘Son of our City’ have that skank fuelled sound with their tales of broken Britain and South London life with no money. Debut single ‘Black Gold and Religion’ is two fingers up to the government, and where you can really hear the Strummer in singer Danny Onions voice. There aren’t many new bands with anything to say these days and their thrashed through set has all the tropical shirts in the building skanking along. It looks like everyone has Got Wurst, time to go home now…

Words by Paul Melbourne
Photo by Mary Stamm-Clarke

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