With Joe Gideon & the Shark, Teeth of the Sea and more!

Just when you think you can’t possibly face another night out in December, the God Don’t Like It club night’s final gathering of the year with blues punk duo Joe Gideon & The Shark indeed provides a bit of sparkle to the post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s celebrations.

The London brother-sister duo Gideon and Viva “The Shark” Seifert (actual brother and sister, no Jack-Meg situation here), former members of the now defunct post-rock four-piece Bikini Atoll, are complementary opposites on stage. Older brother guitarist Gideon’s larger frame, bushy beard and relaxed deadpan demeanour is in sharp contrast to his stylish slight sister Viva’s animated acrobatic precision drumming.

Gideon’s superior storytelling style, dark and hilarious at the same time, is mesmerizing. Half spoken word, half singing through several songs from their 2009 album Harum Scarum, including ‘Civilisation’ and the brilliant tale of a washed up singer called ‘Kathy Ray’.

As stirring as it is listening to Gideon, it’s exhilarating to see Viva’s hive of activity in the background. Sequencing backing vocal loops and smashing the drums with – as the title of their first album would suggest – with a fearless reckless abandon. In a previous career, Viva was a rhythmic gymnast and competed for the UK at Barcelona Olympics. This training serves her well in her current career, as not only is she a great drummer, she’s exciting to watch.

Several new songs were aired and well received. Joe Gideon & The Shark get the balance of blues punk exactly right. Tales of woe never sounded so good. From the reaction of tonight’s packed venue, hopefully this means a new album and tour is in the works.

Words by Alison Kerry

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