Newcomers have a blast in Austin, Texas...

Heading to SXSW is a dream for many musicians.

It's a rite of passage, with the Austin, Texas event boasting more showcases than you can shake a burrito at.

The RPMs led the British charge this year, fresh from the buzz around their new single 'Your Ghost'.

Out now on Xtra Mile, it's a frenzied blend of indie and punk influences, delivered in a stylish, anthemic, precocious manner.

Flying out to the United States, The RPMs took a camera out to capture some key moments from their trip...

- - -

1: A week to go and we’re rehearsing hard in the studio to make everything the best it can be for our shows at SXSW.

2: Just arrived at Heathrow and although it’s about 4:30am we were too excited to sleep and absolutely buzzing to go!

3: On the tarmac and ready for the 10 hours of movies and airplane food ahead of us. Next stop USA!

4: We’re actually here and still can’t believe it! The RPMs in America! From snow to 32 degree heat and we’re ready to get stuck in!

5: First day in and we managed to get the chance to say hello to Shame again after seeing them at Glastonbury last year. Just done a great show and got a great sweaty hug from them all.

6: And who else do we bump into but Steve Lamacq himself scouting out what the youngsters are up to now! And of course a sweaty hug from him too, hard to avoid them in 32 degree heat.

7: We also had the privilege of meeting many of Austin’s eccentric locals, particularly this guy who decided we should hang out with him and his pet snake when he found out we were a band from England.

8: And here’s (not boasting, but proud) the line to get into our show at the British Music Embassy stage at the Latitude venue.

9. And knowing we had some expectations to uphold we really went for it and it went so well it gave us the fire we needed to smash it at the Xtra Mile stage at Barracuda next day too.

10. It's the last day of's St Patricks Day... and it's the Xtra Mile showcase with labelmates Non Canon, Will Varley, Skinny Lister and the one and only Mr Frank Turner...the party starts early, what could possibly go wrong...nothing!! Had the best gig we've ever played and a brilliant crowd.

11. And then got...yep.., you guessed it, a sweaty hug from Frank Turner to end our SXSW on a high.

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